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Our team takes pride in the amount of years we have spent researching and developing the construction that goes into building our garden rooms.

We can guarantee you extensive input from professional structural engineers, architects and top manufacturers in the building industry to help create your perfect garden room. We are the best in the market and are committed to making sure we are going above and beyond to meet the building regulation standards. All of our garden rooms come with a 10 year warranty and have a life expectancy of a minimum of 60 years so your garden room can adapt to what you need it for throughout the years.


Structural Strength and Durability

All bespoke Garden Rooms are designed by fully qualified architects and we have our experienced structural engineers assess the safety, strength and durability to determine its structural integrity.

The process can include, where necessary, structural drawing and calculations, which form part of the Building Regulations Application. So our clients can be confident that all work has been signed off and built to the best standard possible.


We work closely with our building control and experienced structural engineer to guarantee the right foundations for your garden room are installed. We take the time to acknowledge soil conditions, any slopes in your garden and the proximity to trees before designing the foundations that cause the least disruption to your garden and the environment. We come out of the designing process confident that all work will be signed off by a building control inspector.

Vapour Control Layer

All of our garden rooms and annexes use foil-backed plasterboard to act as a vapour barrier.

This is a layer on the inner surface of the building which can reduce moisture flow into and through the walls, roof and floor. They are used to avoid damaging levels of condensation appearing in the fabric of the building which could decay in the timber of the building.

Breathable Membrane

For our garden rooms we always use a high-performance membrane that wraps around the exterior SIPS of your garden room. The breathable membrane remains behind the external cladding to prevent moisture from entering the main structure of the garden room and allows moisture from the garden room to escape out of the building.

Cladding Airflow

We ensure that we vertically and horizontally double batten all of our timber cladding to ensure the correct amount of airflow in the cavity for moisture to escape. 

Thermal Bridging

All of our Garden Rooms are built with SIPs and come with an insulated core which can eliminate thermal/cold bridging and improve the thermal efficiency of your garden room compared to the classic timber frame studs.

Thermal bridging aims to allow external cold transfer to internal walls which could result in cold spots or damp. A thermal bridge/cold bridge occurs when materials that are poor thermal insulators come into contact so heat flows through the path that has been created.

Garden Room Insulation

You want to be able to enjoy your bespoke garden room all year round, with an insulated garden room your garden room will be kept cool in summer but warm in winter. Garden room insulation is important as only proper insulated garden rooms can pass building regulation inspections.We achieve efficient insulation by fitting SIPs, otherwise known as structurally insulated panels, which outperform any other building method in terms of thermally and structurally because it is a part of the garden room rather than an added on at the end.

Not only can you save money on your heating and energy bills through structurally insulated panels but they are also an environmentally friendly option to insulate your bespoke garden room.

Fire Regulations

It is required that all buildings within a 1 meter of a boundary should be constructed from non-combustible materials so use a Masterboard and Fireproof plasterboard in all our fire applications. Fire proofing is about the whole system within a wall buildup, not just one individual element that provides a Class A1 fire resistance. So we make sure that our SIPs are made from OSB3 which can achieve a 90 minute fire rating as well as the HMBCD in the EPS which then takes our Fire Rating to significantly over 4 hours.

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