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The Importance Of Building Regulations

It is required by law that if you are sleeping in your garden room or annex that it meets all building regulations. So we make sure all of our bespoke garden rooms are safe for our customers through an independent building inspector who always ensures that we are exceeding building regulations and standards upon completion of the build.

Building regulations are the minimum standard for design, construction and alterations to every building but we aim to meet the highest standard possible. Designed to improve conservation of fuel and power, protect and enhance the environment and promote sustainable development, building regulations were developed by the government to protect your safety, health and welfare.


We are committed to provide the highest standard with our garden rooms. We have a team of professional architects who design all of our garden rooms which are built to meet and surpass the UK Building Regulation Standards. All of our bespoke garden rooms have a life expectancy of a minimum 60 years and come with a 10-year warranty. We make sure your garden room is completed to an excellent quality and we have a building inspector who can make sure we achieve building control approval for your garden room.


The Importance of Building Regulations

We make sure to exceed all building regulations when it comes to design, construction and alterations. Developed by the government, building regulations are intended to protect your health, safety and welfare whilst improving the conservation of fuel and power, protecting and enhancing the environment and promoting sustainable development. 

You don’t want to risk your garden room having inadequate foundations which can make them susceptible to movement and structure weakening, that is why it is important to ensure that your garden room or annex is built to building regulation standards. You want to be able to enjoy your garden room all year round so you want to make sure that your walls, floors and ceilings are not built with non-structural materials to ensure maximum insulation. Without building regulations there is generally no attention paid to fire ratings, areas like airflow in wall cavities can be overlooked and they can also not provide vapour barriers or breathing membranes.

You don’t want to have to pay more money in the long run so it is important to build a garden room that complies with building regulations. 


Building Inspectors

Once your deposit is paid, we instruct a professional independent building inspector by providing them with a full set of plans, cross sections and structural applications that they can check and approve. 

We work with them by filling in a project information and appointment form, providing them with schedules of work so we can guarantee work is done on time and when we will be starting so the building inspector can coordinate visits to check on the build without warning. 


Requirements on Building Regulations

The rules governing building regulations for garden rooms are:

1. Less Than 15m2 Internal Floor Area – Building regulations will not normally apply.
2. Between 15m2And 30m2 – Building regulations are required if the garden room is built less than a meter from a boundary or it is not constructed substantially of non-combustible materials.
3. Anything larger than 30m2building regulations is required.

In all cases, building regulations are required if the building contains any sleeping accommodation.

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