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For Work, Rest Or Play? Have It Your Way! offer a range of buildings, which can be adapted to suit your taste and requirements.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right garden room for your available space and requirements. With over 72 configurations for you to choose from, which means whatever space you’re working with and whatever you’re planning on using your garden room for, we have a solution which will be perfect for you.

With 6 external cladding colours in the range, 3 door colour options and 5 door styles available our garden buildings can be designed to fit in perfectly with their surroundings.


We can help you build your dream bespoke garden room and annex that you can enjoy all year round! We are here to help give you guidance and advice through understanding the rules and regulations that are involved with building garden rooms and annexes. We know it can feel like a big task to get started with building work but our personal and open approach intends to take the stress out of the planning and construction. 

Our team can accommodate whichever design and style can fit the needs of you and your family to create the ideal garden room. We can help build a garden room for any purpose such as garden offices, garden annex or a garden gym room. We take the time to understand exactly what you want your garden room to look like. So if you see the doors from one garden design and the cladding from another we can put the two together to give you a bespoke high quality garden room. Our personal touch to garden rooms means we want you to receive everything you want and make sure you don’t pay for anything you don’t need. 

Customer service is important to our Garden rooms team so we strive to build your garden rooms to the highest standards. We want your garden rooms to be practical for whatever purpose it has been built for. Our bespoke garden room builds are managed entirely by us so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We source you with everything from high quality materials, fully qualified trades and a committed project manager who ensure your entire garden room build is on track to being completed on time. 

Our beautiful bespoke garden rooms last a lifetime as we use cost effective materials that can last a minimum of 60 years, so they can be adapted and evolved to fit with your current needs. For instance your cosy garden annex could be used for grown-up children who are saving to get on the property ladder and then later occupied by an elederly relative who wants to live independently but needs their family on hand. Your bespoke garden room is multi purpose and can accommodate a range of uses. Your garden room is yours to do what you want with and our team is here to help build the foundation.

We also offer a complete, bespoke garden room solution with additional services that include paving, fencing and artificial grass to make sure your surrounding areas look just as polished as your new garden room. We can also help you with how the inside of your garden room looks. We work with professional lighting specialists, AV specialists, interior designers and gym equipment specialists so your room can be finished in one go and ready for you to enjoy!


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