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About The Palace

The Palace brings you high quality, highly insulated work spaces designed to be used all year round.

Each of our spaces have been meticulously designed to provide a long lasting, warm and quiet work space outside of home.

All of our office prices are fully inclusive of interior finish, proper insulation, double glazed sliding doors, flush fit sockets, LED lighting, engineered flooring, and much more. There is nothing more to pay!

Apex 5x3_Max_Salt_Lake_Silver.jpg

Whats Included

  • 3m x 6m

  • Finished/decorated walls and ceiling

  • 2490mm Planning Friendly Height

  • Premium Insulation for all year use

  • Infrared Heating

  • LED LIghting

  • Outside Lighting

  • Full Electric Pack

  • Double Glazed Sliding Doors

  • Double Glazed Windows

  • Premium Larch FSC Cladding

  • Fast Installation

  • Foundations

  • Fully Installed

  • Flush Fit Ethernet Socket

Sizes: (Width x Depth)

  • 6000mm x 3000mm

  • 7000mm x 3000mm

  • 8000mm x 3000mm

  • 6000mm x 4000mm

  • 7000mm x 4000mm

  • 8000mm x 4000mm

  • 9000mm x 4000mm

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